Landlocked amidst the vast, expansive Indian plains and the staggering Himalayas, Nepal is indeed a mountaineer’s dream. The ‘Land of Sherpas’ is often recognised by its iconic peak — Mt. Everest — and its snowy landscapes, ancient traditions and vibrant culture.  Blessed with favourable climatic conditions and diverse topography, tourist places in Nepal are visually charming and picturesque. It annually draws crowd from around the world who flock religiously to the mountain for their regular dose of thrill. In fact, not many can ignore the old-world charm that the medieval city exuberates. 

Don’t mistake the Himalayan beauty to be yet another adventure destination, for Nepal is dotted with several monasteries and is renowned as a sacred pilgrimage site for people around the world which marked as one of the best tourist places in Nepal. Whether you’re taking a casual stroll within Kathmandu, Bhaktapur or Patan, be prepared to stumble across quaint Buddhist monasteries and century old stupas. Unshaken by the natural calamity that hit the country a while ago, Nepal still holds the crown of a cultural powerhouse. Exploring the tiny kingdom will acquaint you to some top-notch palaces, age-old shrines and intricate temple art at every nook and corner. Nepal is also home to the great Everest base camp trek, which is every trekker’s dream. 

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